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bariatric equipment If you are looking for Bariatric Equipment it can be very confusing. You need someone to work with, answer your questions and guide you, so that you purchase the right equipment at the right price.

Beds and Mattresses are the starting point. The Bariatric Patient has different needs. Bariatric Power Chairs, Power Lift Chairs, Power Chairs and Scooters, Transport Chair

How will your staff move the patient from bed to chair? With the No Lift policy in place you need a Patient Lift that will handle the weight safely. There are different style lifts that have different features.

There is a variety of equipment available that is made for your type of Facility. Sit to Stand units, Pool Lifts, You must have a Wheelchair, how about a Gurney Chair to move the patient from one area to another.

If you do not have the hospital bed that expands to 48 and retracts to 39"; you need the Gurney. If you do have the proper bed you need doors with an opening of 43" for the bed to travel through the door when using the bed to transport from area to area.

Lifting the Bariatric Patient is an accident waiting to happen, for the caregiver and the patient as well. There are different lifts for different needs and many different choices.

bariatric equipment for sale

EC + Extra Care Bariatric Trauma Stretcher

power lift chairs
Stretcher Chair on left: Patient Weight capacity 1000 Pounds Integral battery charger; Fully Electric operation, pendant controls Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg 10 degrees Fowler back rest 55 degrees. And much more an excellent piece of equipment.

If you are outfitting a Bariatric room for this very special patient, you need to consider commodes; shower chair and commode combinations that handle weight up to 1000 lbs., the heavier the weight capacity the larger the equipment for door widths.

Where will your patient sit when you are able to get them out of bed? You really have to convert several of your rooms with updated Bariatric Equipment to be able to handle that special patient. You must have a Bariatric Chair.

Certified from 750 lbs. to 1000 lbs
bariatric power chairs bariatric chair power chairs and scooters bariatric equipment USA power lift chairs

Sometimes it seems that the weight problem runs in families. A smart choice would be a sitting chair to handle the heavy weight; choose one of the above. Also the patient will need a recliner that will hold the weight.

The best way to start is to make a list of the basic things that you really need to handle the Bariatric Patient and then contact me and I can help you through the process. I am here to work with you as this is my specialty. I am also very well informed on general equipment that is needed on a day to day basis that is not Bariatric. We all have a budget to consider but it has been my experience that you need to go the extra mile and get the right equipment so that you are not replacing it in a year. I support manufacturers that make their equipment in the USA.
with the exception of the "Patient Lift" made in Norway by Molift - the leader in design for patient lifting.

I look forward to working with your facility.

Elaine Latham
Equipment Specialist

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