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Hospital Beds with as much as 750 pounds weight capacity. Hopefully you will never have to deal with that weight patient. Most Medical Facilities are upgrading their equipment just in case they have a seriously overweight patient. There are low hospital beds that have a 750 lb. weight capacity (9" from deck to floor) and will rise to 24", then add the height of the mattress.  There are Hi Lo Hospital Beds with and without Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg and Cardio Chair options. There are different widths from 38” to Queen Size and different lengths. There are Overhead Trapezes attached to the bed, Battery Backups, Whatever your needs, we have the answer. There are several choices shown and many more for the asking. If you are looking for the proper hospital bed you need to look no further. 

Trendelenburg is used when the feet have to be above the heart.  The Reverse is when the heart must be above the feet.  These options are also needed for the Cardio Chair position which is necessary for a patient spending most of the time in bed.


Big Boyz Low Bed

high low hospital beds low hospital beds
hospital beds
  • Multiple Positioning
  • Trendelenberg
  • Reverse Trendelenberg
  • Cardio Chair
  • Independent Head & Knee Gatch for Personalized Positioning
Foot section does not pitch down but plateaus to reduce edema of lower extremities.

Made in the USA

This is a very special high low hospital bed as it is the lowest in the industry for a Bariatric low hospital bed, 750 lb. weight capacity. This bed can convert from 38" X 80" to 42 or 48" X 80". Wider widths 54” are available to Queen Size are a fixed width and not convertible. Longer lengths are also available. High Low hospital beds from 9" to 24" than add 7” for the mattress. The true height is 16” to 31”from the top of the mattress to the floor. For this model it is not recommended for the home as it needs a large room to function properly.


The needed space for this model is close to length for the 80”bed frame.

This bed is used in Facilities, Sleep Clinics and after Birthing Rooms hospital setting where a work horse is needed.



Big Boyz Trapeze

The Big Boyz Trapeze is Durable Medical Equipment… designed to provide the patient with assistance in changing body positions in addition to entering and exiting bed. The Trapeze has a fracture frame set-up, four (4) posted and bed mounted. This item provides the stability and security needed for the Bariatric population  with a 750 lb. Patient Weight

Made in the USA


high low hospital beds

Valiant Series

hospital beds Here is the perfect choice for a heavy Duty Hospital Bed with all the bells and whistles that does not look like a Hospital Bed. The Transfer Master Bed comes in a variety of sizes and lengths to handle different needs. I am here to guide you.

With a Super Heavy Duty frame the Valiant SHD is ready to tackle the tough demands of larger users. We have reinforced the frame at crucial points and made other changes to ensure this bed can handle up to 750 lbs. The Valiant SHD has all the features of the Valiant HD with the same great appearance. The Valiant SHD is the best choice for those situations that require the strongest, sturdiest High/Low Hospital beds on the market. Available with Trendelenburg options.

Extra Low Bed

Extra Low Bed is designed to meet resident needs when fall prevention is necessary. The patient weight capacity, 500 pounds, and expandable deck surface enables the facility or hospital to reduce the number of different beds required to meet various patients' needs. This is an excellent choice for a nursing home, Please contact me and I will be able to work with you with the latest new model beds available
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We can help ensure you always have the correct bed.:

  • Fall Prevention:
    • ultra low deck to floor height of 7"
  • Ergonomic Working Height:
    • Bed raises to 28"
  • Versatile:
    • 500 pound patient weight capacity
    • Bed deck measures 39" x 80"
    • Bed deck is width expandable to 42" or 48"
    • Bed deck length expands from 80" to 84"
  • Safety:
    • Bed is portable in the lowest deck position only
    • Head and foot boards are removable
  • Side Rails:
    • Rotating swing down side rails at head end are standard
    • Foot end side rails are optional and can easily be field installed without tools
  • Other Standard Features:
    • Three function deck articulation
    • head end attendant push bar
    • integral battery backup
    • fully electric operation
    • individual locking casters
    • one piece frame construction
This is a very special low hospital bed for the Alzheimer’s or Elderly Patient.

Widerhospital Beds


Wider Hospital Beds that are for the average weight person not more than 350 lb. weight capacity. Why confine your sleeping area to just 36 or 38” The most popular is the Full size in a 3 motor bed which is head and foot elevation, also the bed is a Hi Lo changing height so it is easier to get in or out of bed, at the perfect height for people with disabilities.


Our bodies are curved and not flat so when you sleep in a flat position your body lets you know it is not happy.  If you are no more than 350 lbs. either bed would be ideal depending upon your needs.  You can use you existing mattress or if you are ready for a new one, to complete your perfect sleep time try one of ours.  You spend a lot of time in bed; your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home.  How you sleep at night will change the way you perform in the waking hours.  I look forward to helping you with the proper selection “just for you”.




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All product images shown are made in the USA