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We are focusing on information about the most important part of your day. If you are a Caregiver this is information you need to review for your wellbeing.  You may eat right, exercise enough, do not have a weight problem, have no medical issues and yet if you do not sleep properly your day will be affected. The ideal sleep is to be able to go into a deep REM sleep as that is when your body will start to heal.

Our bodies are amazing and yet we find ways to abuse them.  The proper bed is not always for the person that is Physically Challenged that needs a hospital style bed; we all need a bed that will adjust so our bodies will be in a comfortable sleeping position.  Keep in mind we are not flat, we are curved and it may not be the mattress that needs changing, it is probably the bed frame.

Now we come to the Wider bed, depending upon your weight and how your body is built will determine the proper width of the bed. If you are sharing the bed with another person, a Queen 60 X 80” may be a good choice. That means each would have about 30” in width (unless you take more space from your partner) for people that like to be close this size should be considered.  Many rooms do not have the space for a King size, 76” X 80”, consisting of 2 Twin frames that are linked together to work as one because of the oversize for shipping, and then a one piece mattress. Only one person will be able to adjust the bed at one time even though 2 hand controls are available.

The most popular if the room is large enough is a Dual King.  That would be two separate frames at each bed is 38” (twin size) total size is 76” X 80” or 84” depending on the height of the tallest person. Each person can adjust their own bed for their needs and not have to compromise for the way their partner wants to sleep. The beds are right next to each other.

Consider how much money you may have spent in trying new mattresses because you thought that was the problem.  Keep in mind the mattress industry has you believing that you need to try the newest and greatest mattress, which will finally be the answer you are looking for, so you can sleep like a ‘baby”.  What you really need, is the luxury of an Adjustable bed all controlled with the touch of a button.  Believe me once you experience the advantages of adjusting your bed to fit your body you will never again own a flat bed frame.  Because the mattress must bend with the bed the best choice is Talalay Latex the ideal height is 7” and never more than 10” in height. The frames can also be custom adjusted if you are tall and need a higher bed frame that is changed at the factory.  Keep in mind that many people in the bed industry that try to sell you an Adjustable Frame have never owned one. 30 years ago because of health reasons my husband needed to elevate his hips and that was our first experience with being able to adjust our sleeping position.

I would never own any other kind of bed frame. If you would like to know more  please contact me.


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